Namibian Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
We need to be realistic in our visions for the future. However, we wish to suggest that a higher degree of professional input will be required to improve our relevance and provide growth.
We cannot rely on members to run all facets of the Institute in their honorary capacities. We will have to rely on people to perform certain functions professionally. These functions includes administration and education.

In order to formulate our mission, we need to answer the questions: Why, how and where should NIRAC pursue its purpose?
WHY should NIRAC pursue its purpose
The reason why we pursue our purpose is to ensure:
   The health, safety and comfort of people by means of environmental control measures.
   The preservation of perishables by means of environmental control.
   The protection of the environment by means of environmental control
   If NIRAC had a profit motive, it would have been another reason why we should pursue our purpose.
NIRAC does not have a profit motive. Revenue from membership fees, as well as additional sources of income, is applied to offer services to our members, in the way of training, educational speakers, and guest speakers from across our borders which the institute finances.

HOW should NIRAC pursue its purpose
By the creation of a culture of learning and improvement. This will be achieved by:
The recognition of the achievements of apprentices in the Industry
The recognition of the achievements of students at tertiary educational institutions.
The recognition of the achievements of our members, in their career and professional capacities, in the Industry.
By the encouragements of continuous career development, and growth, by means of organizing and generating the following:
Technical meetings, training
Enrichment courses/Edutainment
NIRAC will not compete with service providers or educational institutions
Site/plant visits
Articles published in the industry media, and NIRAC journal quarterly.
Conferences / Symposia, seminars.
Affiliation with other Institutions/Societies
The approach to membership of the Institute is one of inclusively. Anyone who is active in the industry, and qualifies for membership, is welcome to join the Institute.

Objectives should be tangible, measurable, and realistically achievable and result in benefits to our members. Our activities should not only be driven by operational objectives, but also by strategic objectives.
Operational objectives
   To continue with the day operation of the Institute.
   To create long term continuity with regard to operational procedures
Strategic objectives
   To focus on the convening of regular technical meetings in all our centre's.
   To improve our education programme consisting of enrichment courses.

In order to realize the objectives listed above, strategies and tactics will be formulated and the process will be managed by all the stakeholders.
As an Institute, it is not realistic to expect that we will all agree on all issues and activities.
We believe that as an organization there will be a mainstream of opinion, but there should be room for scrutiny and debate which will result in views and opinions either side of the mainstream. However, the intention of all stakeholders should be aligned with our agreed objectives and remain constructive at all times.
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